Storing experimental data classes.


Class Summary
Experiment Consists of repeats, a description and a protocol.
Image Represents a photograph taken of a particular plate at a particular time that has been processed by image analysis.
ImageResult Results of image analysis: the area of the spot, with feature and value to be added as they develop.
ImageSpot A logging event that represents the position on a plate that has been photographed.
ImageTransformation Conversion of one image to another via a transformation as defined in a CV of transformation types.
Inoculation Represents an inoculation from a master plate to a working plate.
LogEvent To be extended to represent a logging event of any kind with a source plate position and a destination plate position.
PlateTreatment Represents the addition of a TreatmentCV to a plate at a particular date-time.
Repeat An experimental repeat that has an applied protocol and data.
Spotting Represents a spotting from a master plate to a working plate.

Package Description

Storing experimental data classes.

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