Web services for the stochastic simulation and storage of SBML models

Developers: R. Boys, Y. Chen, C. Gillespie, T. Kirkwood, C. Lawless, C. Proctor, D. Shanley, D. Wilkinson

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Figure 1: BASIS web services running in Taverna

Stochastic processes are particularly relevant to ageing research as a large component of the ageing phenotype can be ascribed to the slow accumulation of various types of cellular damage throughout the lifetime of an organism.

BASIS consists of

  • a database storing SBML models and simulation results;
  • a simulation engine implementing the Gillespie algorithm for simulation of biochemical reactions; and
  • a high-powered CPU cluster for performing large, parallel stochastic simulation jobs.

Web services are a flexible method of exposing algorithms and hardware based in CISBAN to users worldwide. These same web services have also been incorporated into a web-based GUI to encourage biologists to engage existing models and to develop new models themselves.

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