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Developers: M. Taschuk, C. Simillion, J. Hallinan and A. Wipat

The CISBAN Interactomes Database (CID) integrates interaction data from a range of model organisms used in ageing research. The project has two specific goals. The first is to integrate individual interaction datasets from publicly available data sources for each organism into a weighted probabilistic network. The second is to facilitate comparative interactomics analyses by providing a tool to transfer and compare interaction data between different organisms.

An integrated interactome is a network that combines a large amount of data from various data sources. The connections (called edges) in a network denote functional interactions between genes. Each edge has a weight, which is a score of how reliable the data for an interaction is. The higher the score, the more reliable the data.

A plugin for Cytoscape has been developed in order to access the CID networks.


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