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A.L. Lister, M. Pocock, A. Wipat

Figure 1: "Discovered Annotations" tab after querying remote data sources. In this example, "Ctelo", which is not a gene or protein name, does not have any new annotation. However, Saint has found information on the other four species names. Clicking on the "Inferred" tab for any of these species names will present a summary of the annotation found, and the source of that annotation. Clicking on the top-level "Annotated SBML Code" tab will regenerate the original SBML code with the new annotation added. The SBML model will be regenerated each time that tab is chosen, which allows the user to switch between the two main tabs, modifying the annotation in the "Discovered Annotations" tab and then immediately retrieving the new SBML file in the "Annotated SBML Code" tab.


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