Where Do I Start?

Where do I start?

Archiving Data

Archiving Data

Integrative Analysis

Integrative Analysis



In silico Systems Biology

is the CISBAN programme dedicated to biological modelling, inference and data management. Very large amounts of data are generated through a range of high throughput techniques and processed in silico. This process provides a highly dynamic cycle of interaction between theoretical and experimental activity.


29-30 April 2010:
Data Handling for Biogerontology Research

14 July 2010:
CISBAN Symposium 2010

A repository tool for storing, archiving, and retrieving multi-omics high throughput data and metadata

Data capture software for robot high-throughput yeast experiments
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Provides integrated interactomes for different ageing-related model organisms

Image analysis software for the quantification of the growth of microorganism colonies on agar plates

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SBML Annotation Interface for model or gene annotation
A collection of web-based services for the quantitative study of the biology of ageing

Integrates GRID-based post-genomic data resources through Bayesian calibration of biological simulators

Model Format OWL

Represents SBML in OWL
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