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Developers: M.L. Taschuk, J. Hallinan, A.L. Lister, O.J. Shaw, N. Wipat

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The Robot Object Database interface (ROD) is a program specifically developed for scientists working with high-throughput yeast data at the Centre for Integrated Systems Biology of Ageing and Nutrition (CISBAN). It assists in the data storage and tracking of strains of yeast mutations through multiple experiments and repeats.

The system was designed for log files produced by the two robots in use at CISBAN: the Biomatrix 3 'inoculating' robot, and the Beckman Biomek FX 'spotting' robot. Each robot works in different conditions at different experimental phases. The log files produced by these robots comprise the majority of data entered into the system. Image log files are also produced from photographs taken of experimental plates, specifying the amount of growth at each position on the plate among other details.

In addition to the log file data, ROD also allows researchers to record other data about each experiment, including, for example, media and treatment types. Once an experiment is deemed to have finished, all of the information may be exported for use in further analysis steps.

ROD is open-source and available from SourceForge at

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