All popup windows in ROD.


Class Summary
AddTreatmentPanel Applies a certain treatment (already defined) to a set of plates.
CVListener Listens to actions performed on NewCVPanel and error-checks and adds the new controlled vocabulary to the database.
ErrorPanel Displays any errors generated by a StateSwingWorker in a popup window.
ExportMultiplePanel Exports one or more experiments to file.
ExportPanel Displays a progress and status bar indicating how much of an experiment has exported.
LoadExperimentPanel Load experiments from the database.
NewCVPanel Shows a generic panel that can be used to create new controlled vocabulary.
NewExperimentPanel Add a new Experiment to the database.
NewMasterPanel Creates a new master plate set.
NewMediumPanel Adds a new medium to the database.
NewRepeat Creates a new repeat in the current experiment.
PlatePourPanel Adds plates to the database with a MediumCV and Barcode.
ResizeableDialog A resizeable container with 'OK' and 'Cancel' buttons.

Package Description

All popup windows in ROD.

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