ROD 3.0-beta API

Packages ROD is covered under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Database access package containing all code for database access. Grouping specific sets of tasks together in communication to the database. Manages all data incoming from the database and forwards database requests from the GUI. Handles all of the connections with the DAO and keeps track of the progress of the task. Utility classes for data management. Contains the JDO database code for ROD. Controlled vocabulary classes. Storing experimental data classes. Protocol and Action classes inspired by the FuGE API. Stores everything to do with plates, including barcodes, positions, etc. Exception classes for ROD-specific events. Handles exporting experiments to file. Control classes for the ROD GUI and also some helper mini-applications that are useful for debugging and maintaining ROD. Parts of the interface that are always visible at any stage of working in ROD. Functions that are used repeatedly through the interface for specific tasks. Retrieve commonly-requested lists from the database and populate JComboBoxes. All GUI classes that are inset into RodDesktopPane or its children. All popup windows in ROD. Classes that view existing entries in the database. Parsers for log files. Parser for Master plate set files. Utility classes for parsing.


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